Brain Food | the Neuro Light

Your brain is always hungry

Your brain consumes 10 x more energy than any other organ

Your brain is never asleep. Your brain spends most of its time focused on self-organization and maintaining the body as a whole.

All this busy work requires a constant, impressive amount of energy.

A big surprise about the source of brain energy

Neuroplasticity means your brain can always make new connections and keep learning.

The food we eat by mouth supplies about 1/3 of the energy requirements for your body as a whole including your brain. This is for the maintenance of metabolism. This energy comes from the chemical breakdown of normal food into electrons and photons.

The remaining 2/3 of energy comes from thermal sources - this source is sunlight! We are "warm blooded" beings and keeping internal temperatures constant is a major task. We absorb much of the nutritional light all the time to stay alive.

We produce our own weight in ATP every 24 hours. The ATP produced in our cells is the final link between the energy derived from food or sunlight and useful work. The dance of electrons into photons and back into electrons is the turbine engine that produces our vital energy needs.

Light as extra Brain Food

It is possible to feed your brain by introducing special light into the bloodstream.

The brain absorbs this excited activity we call “energy” and uses it to perform its billions of millisecond tasks every moment of our life.

Light energy directly into your brain

Neuroplasticity means your brain can always make new connections and keep learning.

Safe, easy & effective technology is now available to introduce light into the neocortex of your brain. The latest medical research in neuroscience considers that a lack of brain neuronal energy may be the cause of many of our most common and most scary brain challenges.

Using a specific long wavelength of near-infrared light, LEDs have all that it takes to shine sufficient light through the nasal tissues and into the blood where it is delivered right where it needs to be. This beneficial light is absorbed and converted on the spot into energy rich mitochondrial ATP.

Light energy indirectly into your brain via your blood

Shining wavelength specific light through the skin or into transulent tissue like the mucosa inside your nose is able to comfortably deliver excited energy into your blood. The blood then delivers the energy where it is needed most with a great amount arriving in your hungry brain.

Light up your brain!

The Neuro Light Brain Skills is coupled with the Neuro Light Brain Gym in one hardware/software unit. The Brain Food Nasal Light unit is a separate device that completes the powerful triune dynamic. The Nasal Light Stimulation device is sold separately with an extra charge.