Brain Gym | The Neuro Light

Fire it to wire it.

Use it or lose it.

Brain connections are made by exercise and activity

There are three ways to increase the neuroplasticity connections in your brain:

Motor exercise such as yoga and walking;

Cognitive exercise such as new vocabulary and playing cards;

Sensory exercise such as Light/Sound Neuro Light experiences.

Brain fitness is the root of Total Brain Wellness

Just like the whole body, the brain is physical and does best with a balance of activity and rest.

Interval training of your brain involves Coordination, Flexibility, Endurance & Strength. Your brain can experience all of these through your sensory pathways using specifically designed Light/Sound compositions. Just lay back and feel your brain building these key capabilities at increased levels.

Your brain has specialized teams ready to leap into action in a split second. They are your Brain Networks. Their job is to organize critical complex functions. In the course of life, these networks can weaken resulting in the loss of many key capabilities. The Network Reinforcements in the Brain Gym tune and fortify these special teams.

Spending time in the Brain Gym

Regardless of your age, vitality, challenges and goals - time in the Brain Gym is essential. Whatever condition your brain is in, the carefully created Light/Sound compositions will increase specific and general brain wellness.

Just like whole body exercise, over time with regular visits to the Brain Gym your brain fitness will keep improving. Between Brain Gym sessions, you can optimize your results by also doing basic complementary exercise and cognitive activities, such as reading or even playing video games.

Choose your level

Just like normal exercise

The Brain Gym includes an intelligent self-assessment to help guide you on your way.

Think of choosing a class at the gym, what fits you best? Foundation. Intermediate. Advanced.

- you can move up or down. It's progressive and up to you.

Leading edge of neuro science

Connectome Harmonics is the newest groundbreaking step in understanding brain health. The worlds leading medical scientists are now focusing on mapping the Human Connectome - the complete set of all the networks and connections in the human brain.

The Network Reinforcements in the Brain Gym have been carefully developed using the latest discoveries in frequency harmonics coming from the research of the Human Connectome.

At home or in the office

Just like normal exercise

The Neuro Light ships with the Brain Gym & Brain Skills in one hardware unit. The Brain Food unit is a seperate device that completes the powerful triune dynamics.

Resulting in Total Brain Wellness