Brain Skills | the Neuro Light

Your brain is eager to learn

Signal your brain to message your mind

Featuring 80 specific training sessions

Pick & choose the ones that fit your needs and goals.

Fascinating, attractive and individual Light/Sound compositions, your brain absorbs these into it's native self-organisation activity. Through repetition, the targeted skill is integrated into your daily activities

Organized by level & theme

Start where you are and go where you want

Your brain is physical - just like the rest of your body. It has levels of fitness that make some things easy and others hard. Every Brain Skill composition is artfully crafted to work for the level you choose, dependant on your level. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

The 80 Brain Skills Training sessions are carefully divided into five themes - to make your life easier.


Like a kid in a candy store - there is no shortage of attractive options.

Learning through your senses

Integrated light and sound signals coax your brain into new responses related to various skills. As you then act out these responses in your daily life, they are reinforced until they become a natural expression of who you are and what you do.

Treat your brain to amazing Light/Sound compositions and open your mind to new possibilites - you are going to love it.

Informative, intuitive user interface

The Neuro Light user interface is simple and easy to use - for any technical level.

Each Brain Skill Training has a complete and understandable description to help guide you where you want to work

For everyone

Family, friends, clients and patients. And you

The Neuro Light ships with the Brain Gym & Brain Skills in one hardware unit. The Brain Food unit is a seperate device that completes the powerful triune dynamics.

Resulting in Total Brain Wellness