#5 – A bit about the Neuro Light


Hello, I am Garnet Dupuis, the Creative Designer and Technical Composer of the Neuro Light – The Total Brain Wellness tool. This article will help give you some early insight into the Neuro Light and its design principles. Essentially, the Neuro Light is a Light/Sound device that delivers potent signals into the brain. When you properly Signal the Brain, you Message the Mind. You will sit back in a lounge chair or even lay down on a treatment table such as used in massage therapy. Your eyes are closed the whole time and you will wear headphones. Even with your eyes closed, you will see marvelous colors and fractal-like geometric patterns. Many users also see, in their “mind’s eye” an intriguing variety of other images that are difficult to describe. As fascinating and provocative as these experiences are, even more important are the mind/body states that result from a Neuro Light session. These direct effects will be actively integrating into your whole being for 12 to 24 hours. Effects of ongoing sessions are cumulative. The Neuro Light experience is comfortable, pleasant with zero pain of any kind. Technically, the “local WiFi” connects seamlessly with any smartphone/tablet/computer. “Local WiFi” means there is no need for any public or commercial WiFi connection. The “local WiFi” is actually a connection with the Golden Box. Super easy to set up and even easier to use as the User Interface is all “just push this button” designed.