#4 – “Eating a Meal”

By now most of you know I like analogies as a way of conveying a potentially complicated concept in a quick and easy way. It is an effective shortcut in learning. So..... Consider an approach to a Neuro Light session as being like eating a meal. Basically there are three stages:
  1. Sit down and eat. Enjoy all the qualities of the food as you bite, chew, taste. This is the immediate level of experience. Of course, this corresponds to experiencing the Light/Sound composition(s) of the Neuro Light session.
  2. After the meal, sit back and relax. Enjoy the sense of pleasure and contentment that result from a satisfied and full belly. It is when the eating stops that the process of digestion begins. This period of after-meal relaxed contentment corresponds to the recommendation of not jumping up immediately after the Light/Sound stops. Stay there and sense the mind/body states that have been initiated by the Light/Sound experiences. Make it a time to travel in the streams of energy and sensation moving within you.
  3. Lastly, once digestion has taken place, the complex process of assimilation and nutrition being allocated throughout your entire body will occur over the next 12 to 24 hours. Here beyond the pleasure of eating and the contentment that follows is the real deep benefits of integration. This corresponds to the 12 to 24 hours of self-regulatory integration of all the signalling and messaging from the NL session.
Every NL Light/Sound composition is a exquisite meal with many thoughtfully courses, one following another. They are not only delicious and easy to digest but...also very nutritious. No "fast food" here. And as you know, junk food might taste yummy in the mouth but either goes sour in the belly or gives you no positive nutrition afterwards. Bon appetit!