#11 – About Re-Thinking the Brain

The design principles of the Neuro Light signal the brain to message the mind.  Far beyond the simplicity of pulsed brain entrainment, the NL compositions are much more like musical symphonies or a movie script.
“Design by Nature” is the guiding formula meaning one must speak to the brain in its own language.

But what about the “brain” itself?

What are we learning about the BRAIN that allows us to Design by Nature and signal the brain to effectively message the Mind?
  1. Complex Adaptive System:
    1. The degree of complexity in the brain is staggering…stunning.  Compare it to the Human Genome and DNA.  The Human Genome written in its four letter code would fill a million pages of a book.  The Human Connectome (all synaptic connections) if written out in a book is now estimated to by a million of the DNA books.  Staggering.  Stunning.
  2. Connections:
    1. Where one neuron connects to another neuron is called a “synapse”.  In one cubic millimeter of brain tissue there an estimated one billion synapses.  Think of a spider web.  Geometric patterns where one strand has multiple connections with other strands.  Now think of billions and billions of strands with each with innumerable connections to other strands.
  3. Neuroplasticity:
    1. THE #1 game-changer in neuroscience.  Our brain can always be better.  It never stops learning and adapting.  Finding positive ways to enhance Neuroplastic Capacity is at the absolute leading edge of Wellness and Health.
  4. Connectome Harmonics:
    1. The brain functions using pulsing frequencies as its basic language.  These frequencies are not simple single frequencies but rather notes, chords, runs, melodies, choruses, refrains, harmonies – glittering waves and waves of neuronal music that sweep across and within the brain at all times.  The brain is never silent and never “plays” just one note.
  5. Chaos and Order:
    1. The brain constantly dances from the edge of Chaos into moments of relative Order.  Too much of either one is problematic.  Coordination. Flexibility.  Endurance.  Strength.  Brain “fitness” is the foundation of this ability to “dance”.
  6. Networks:
    1. The brain has developed ways of jumping from near Chaos into relative Order in the twinkle of a neuron.  These are the Resting State Networks in the brain.  They act as the bridges for ultra-rapid leaps from Chaos into Order.

But what about re-thinking… redefining - what constitutes the “brain” itself.

Is it possible that our “brain” is not completely confined to the organ in our skull?  It was just a few years ago that all of medical science was confident that the brain was static in adulthood and now Neuroplasticity has rewritten the textbooks.  Maybe there could be another “game-changer”. Think of “connections”.  Think of “networks”.  What if the “brain” in the skull also had “networks” and “connections” to other neural “networks” and “connections” elsewhere in the body. They exist. There are (in this style of thinking) at least two and maybe three other “brain centers” that are in constant conversation with the brain in our skull.  They are:
  1. The Heart
  2. The Gut (Enteric Nervous System)
  3. The Immune System as a whole.
So with the Neuro Light, when we say Total Brain Wellness, there are two ways to interpret that phrase:
  1. The Wellness (of the Brain) is Total meaning all aspects of Wellness;
  2. The Total Brain itself meaning all aspects of the Brain including the “Heart Brain”, “Gut Brain” and “Immune Brain”.
WOW. So appreciate that because of the Networking, Connecting, Neuroplastic, Complex, Harmonic, Dancing principles of the “brain’, the Neuro Light processes are saturating the entire organism, our entire being , as it effects our “TOTAL Brain(s). Now THAT is something to think about!!!!