#6 – Brain Skills – Clusters

Sessions from different ZONES that tend to relate and work well with each other.  Users can use CLUSTERS as an assist in developing Ongoing Session Plans as well as coupling 11 minute sessions within one appointment.  Notice that the sessions have various levels of Neuroplastic Capacity as well as tilting in and out the Introvert/Extrovert Scale.  So although the sessions may “Cluster” together it is not because they are the same but rather that they tend to complement each other with varying degrees of complexity.  It is a bit like assembling a team where each player contributes a special individual skill that helps to build the whole into a dynamic unit.  Also it is also likely that over time, a person will evolve and migrate from one Cluster to another. And, of course, it is possible for the same Brain Training to find a home in more than one Cluster. You will also find over time and experience your own personal Clusters. As a “super simple” session design, in my opinion:
  1. Choose one 11 minute Neuroplastic Capacity Training in the area where they need most support;
  2. Choose one 11 minute Network Reinforcement that best supports the processes the manage the intended goal
  3. Choose one (or two) 11 minute Brain Training(s) that point towards their goal(s);
  4. If two, choose the two Brain Trainings from within the same Cluster.
  5. Alternatively, you could do one 11 minute Neuroplastic Capacity Training followed by one 11 minute CORE (see the CORE Sessions document) Brain Skills Training and finish with one 11 minute Brain Skills Training that focuses more specifically on their “goals”.
The attached 4 page document outlines 12 sets of clusters. An example is featured below: Cluster #1:  
    1. Peace F Less Stress
    2. Peace F Basic Balance
    3. Peace F Mind Tranquil
    4. Peace I Relax Deep
    5. Peace A General Wellness
    6. Peace A Mind Peaceful
    7. Cognition F Whole Brain Synchronization
    8. Cognition F Brain Harmony
    9. Cognition A Looking Within
    10. Mood I Ease Worry