#12 – Just a peek into Flicker Light Research

For the fun of it, here is a small peek into research from 2010 at an excellent German university. They studied the correlation between specific light flickering frequencies and colors and geometric patterns. Their findings indicated a tight predictable relationship. Here is a small sample of how they catalogued the visuals. It's fun to just glance through them and pick out the ones you may have seen yourself. ripples, tunnel,  honeycomb, wheel, spot, clouds, cross, sun, organic, bowls, raster, bars, cracks, star, drain, spiral, line segments, one or more lines or thin stripes, possibly moving around; straight or curved; solid, dotted, dashed, or zigzag; formations of concentric circles that grow moving outwards, starting from a few centers or covering the whole field; an impression of spatial depth, possibly with movement into or out of this depth; regular arrangements of hexagons, circles or similar forms, possibly filling the whole field; possibly with smaller elements towards the center; round structure with radial lines, rotating; a dark spot on a light background or vice versa; very little structure, only slow movements, and no or very weak colors; an upright or diagonal cross; a glowing or dark sphere with a rim of spikes or flames; structures like those of plants, or of tissue or microorganisms under the microscope half-spheres or bowls, half-circles; two sets of regularly arranged parallel lines, superimposed at an angle; single wide stripes crossing the field, or several wide stripes in alternating colors an irregular network of crack-, vein-, or root-like structures, filling the whole field five or more straight lines from a central point; possibly thick, possibly asymmetric a movement from the left and right sides towards the center and downwards curved lines around a common center; a multitude of short line segments, distributed all over the field;