#10 – Mental Movies – and the Sequel

What is a mental movie?

As mentioned in the recent post (Three Amigos), there are three approaches for stimulating Neuroplastic adaptation and change in our brain:
  1. Movement stimulation
  2. Mental stimulation
  3. Sensory stimulation.
Of course, the Neuro Light Experience is Light/Sound compositions supplying Sensory Neuroplastic stimulation.  Knowing that you will get the most benefit by also integrating Movement and Mental stimulation....let's look a little at one aspect of the Mental/Cognitive category. With the super exciting appreciation that our brain can always learn and be better, there are more and more Mental/Cognitive Neuroplastic methods emerging all the time.  It is no surprise that many involve computers/tablets/smartphones.  Big screen video games and even Virtual Reality devices are being aggressively developed now that extend beyond (questionable) entertainment and into Brain Wellness and even medical therapeutics. Actually a VERY low tech approach to a Cognitive Neuroplastic methodology has been around since the dawn of humankind.  It is called our "imagination".  Or maybe we could call it Mental Movies! Yes, what you think (aka "imagine") is shaping your brain right at this very moment. The "Fire it to Wire it" physiology of Neuroplasticity directly applies to Cognitive activities as well as Motor and Sensory activities. Even fMRI imaging shows clearly that physically doing an action and simply imagining that same action "fires" and therefore "wires" the same features in the brain. So it might be extremely valuable to "sit back" in your Mental theater seat and check out what Mental Movies you are producing, directing and starring in throughout the day and night....because they are shaping your brain.
Signal the brain to message the mind.

The sequel

Have you ever heard someone (maybe yourself) say things like "I could never see myself doing that!" Or maybe "I just don't think I can ever fall in love again." Or maybe "I really doubt that I can....(fill in the blank)" Far beyond the concept of "positive thinking" or other forms of psychological projection is the physical fact of "fire and wire" processes in your brain. Consider the Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhist visualization techniques that are central to what is called the Generation Stage of development. The practitioner spends countless hours visualizing in high detail their "yidam" (transcendental deity) and consequently slowly begins to identify themselves with and then as that deity. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. See beyond the current script of the movie called "Me".