#6 – SUPER + SIMPLE = The Neuro Light

This is my shot at a SUPER SIMPLE overview of the Neuro Light. (I hope Occam is ready for a shave :-) )
  1. Whatever the condition of your brain today - it can be better tomorrow.
  2. According to leading edge neuroscience: a) If you Fire it, you Wire it and b) Use it or Lose it. The technical term is "Neuroplasticity" and you might as well get used to it because there is going to be a ton of talk about it both in Wellness and Medicine for many years to come.
  3. Neuroplasticity is the nature of the brain. It means the brain can keep learning and adapting throughout your whole life. Medicine used to teach that the brain was static in adulthood. They were completely wrong.
  4. Using the right "language", if you signal the Brain, you will message the Mind.
  5. There are basically three ways to talk to the Mind-Brain to create Neuroplastic Change:
    1. Sensory activity such as the Light/Sound in the Neuro Light;
    2. Movement activity such as yoga, Qi Gong and physical therapy and
    3. Mental activity such as cognitive games, language and visualizations.
  6. Old style (1970's) brain entrainment was recognized in the 1980's as being limited in its effects and yielding almost no retention or lasting learning. The Internet and social media has given approaches like binaural beats a new profile but unfortunately that doesn't change the earlier findings.
  7. The Neuro Light uses Light/Sound compositions based on the brain signaling discoveries of recent neurological studies. The compositions are more like a musical symphony or a movie script meaning they tell a "story" to the brain which the mind can understand.
  8. The Neuro Light has three interrelated elements. This is Design by Nature meaning that these three elements exist in the brain and the technology is based on these brain functions.
  9. The Brain Gym compositions actually "exercise" the brain. All the "exercises" are rated in degree of difficulty. It is like choosing a yoga class that matches your level of fitness. You go to Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced. The Neuro Light Brain Gym "exercises" help make new brain connections and tune up your brain networks.
  10. The Brain Skills are Function Specific Brain Trainings (80 individual Light/Sound compositions). This is the new "learning" aspect of the Neuro Light. They are separated into five Zones:
    1. Peace,
    2. Cognition,
    3. Mood,
    4. Dependency and
    5. Exploration.
  11. The Brain Food is a separate device that is designed to be integrated into the Brain Gym and Brain Skills. It is a source of "energy" for the brain and makes everything work better. There are two styles of Brain Food that yield essentially the same benefits:
    1. Direct by shining special light through the skull and into the surface of the brain and
    2. Indirect by shining special light into the blood via the nasal passages of the nose.
  12. If you want the best results when using the Sensory stimulation from the Neuro Light, after a session you have a powerful two hour window of opportunity to also do some related Movement activity and/or some related Mental activity. This will maximize your Neuroplastic benefits.