#1 – Welcome to the Neuro Light

The Neuro Light (NL) is easy to use.  It may not seem like it at first but, trust me, with a little study and practice, you will soon feel both comfortable and confident. You will notice in the Learning section of the NL website, there are three (3) levels of Learning.  If you are reading this, you have chosen to begin with LEVEL ONE which is both obvious and wise. In LEVEL ONE, there are some NL Learning materials that you should spend some time getting familiar with.  The Technical Set Up and the User Interface presentations are very practical. Also the Just the Basics is a good introduction to the components of the NL. The following is some advice to get you started with actually using the NL.   General Guidelines:
  1. Follow the Set Up instructions to get yourself ready for your NL Experience.
  2. Be clear about how to turn everything off when you are finished.
    1. Remember to do the Shutdown sequence on your tablet/computer BEFORE turning OFF the electrical power to your NL lamp/box.
  3. The NL Experience is done with eyes closed and with headphones.
  4. The distance from your face to the flashing lights is about 35 to 40 cm.
  5. The Light Intensity setting (the sliding bar on the User Interface seen on your tablet/computer) is commonly between 15% to 25%.  Some people prefer it even lower as around 10%.  Keep it comfortable.  More is definitely NOT better.
    1. The ambient light levels in the room will somewhat affect your sense of the comfort levels of the flashing NL light.  In bright rooms you may want to adjust the NL Light Intensity to a somewhat higher level.  As you can imagine, a darkened room will cause the flashing NL light to seem brighter, so maybe take it down a bit.
  6. Hopefully your headphones have a volume adjusting feature.  Adjust the Sound aspect of the NL Experience to your comfort level.
  7. For sleep sensitive persons, having a NL Experience too near to bedtime can potentially disrupt sleep.  The reason for this is that the “color” of the LED light is in the white/cool blue range.  This “sky blue/daylight” wavelength can decrease the production of melatonin, the molecule that signals sleep in our brain.  This effect varies a lot from person to person.  If you want an evening NL and are sleep sensitive, you can always adjust the light Intensity slider down to zero and simply enjoy the Sound aspect of the session.
  8. Start conservatively and build your NL Experience in stages.  You will have increasing benefits without being aggressive.
  9. For most people, doing sessions 4 to 5 days a week is a full schedule for good benefits.  It is very much like sports training of the body.  A couple of days “off” is actually part of the conditioning process.  These days off from the NL are actually very active in your brain as the signal messages are being integrated into your systems.
    1. For persons with limited access to the NL, having 1 or 2 sessions per week will still yield benefits.
    2. In higher levels of NL Learning, you will understand how to maximize the NL Sensory Experience with corresponding Movement/Motor and Mental/Cognitive Neuroplastic stimulations.  Doing this makes a big difference in the integration of the benefits.
  10. Most all of the NL “sessions” have three time choices of 11, 22, 33 minutes.  The 11 minute choice is the best for just about everyone.  Definitely start with 11 minutes for any session.
  11. You will notice in the “Session Menu” (look for it in the Level One Learning section) that is possible to do just one 11 minute session or combine 2 in a sequence or even 3 in a longer sequence.  When you do combinations, you want to link 11 minute sessions that stay on the same basic theme.  This is what in other levels of NL Learning I refer to as “creating a vector”.
  12. Understand that the visual colors and patterns combined with the sounds can be quite amazing and attractive or sometimes rather simple.  Just accept and enjoy them.  There is nothing special for you to do.  These sensory displays are part of the process. The most important things are the mind/body states that are stimulated by the sights/sounds.
  13. An NL Experience is like eating a meal.  Enjoy and appreciate the meal.  Once the eating ends, the digestion just begins.  And after that will follow the assimilation of the nutrients.  And finally, the benefits of the nutrition manifest.
    1. The NL Experience is the same.  When the lights and sounds stop, is when the integration process begins.  The first 2 hours are the most sensitive yet the direct process of the NL Experience will continue for the next 12 to 24 hours.
    2. NL benefits will tend to manifest according to the relative vitality of the individual (technically known as their Neuroplastic Capacity), the goals of the sessions and the frequency of the sessions and related “learning” reinforcements.
    3. It is possible for some benefits to manifest in a short period of time such as in a few days to a couple of weeks.  Obviously deeper changes in Neuroplasticity will manifest over periods of a month or more.  In some cases, a person may experience “immediate” effects.  Such quick effects are encouraging but will require reinforcements to support the integration at deeper, long lasting levels.