#7 – WOW Sessions

I understand that there are times when someone comes along and is curious about the Neuro Light and you want to give them a "taste". Even if it is not completely representative of the actual process of developing Total Brain Wellness, you want them to be impressed or fascinated enough to consider pursuing NL sessions for more extended or important experiences. In short, you want to WOW them in 11 minutes. So here is a list of 28 (potentially) WOW NL sessions from the Brain Skills section (remember there are 80 Function Specific Brain Trainings in Brain Skills). Keep in mind that each and every person has their own "thing". It's a bit like playing your favorite awesome song for someone...and noticing they really don't think much of it. So there is no guarantee but these sessions are really worth checking out for this particular purpose. My advice is to check out some (or all:-)) of these one by one when you have a chance. Do NOT do too many in one day, I would advise.  So here is a (partial) list (in no particular order) including some user comments (that you may or may not "jive" with):
  1. Cognition (Foundation) - Thalamus Cortex Synchronization (some claim it is their favorite Brain Skills Training)
  2. Cognition (Foundation) - Memory Support (delicious body, druggy mind)
  3. Cognition (Intermediate) - Fresh Learning (intense display)
  4. Cognition (Advanced) - Visualization Stimulation (a blaster)
  5. Cognition (Intermediate) - Positive Thinking (lovely)
  6. Cognition (Advanced) - More Inspiration (gorgeous and very trippy)
  7. Cognition (Advanced) - Clearing Conflict (a gentle beauty)
  8. Cognition (Advanced) - Mental Workout (surprising solar plexus release)
  9. Cognition (Intermediate) - More Attention (surprisingly sweet and sustained)
  10. Mood (Foundation) - Mood Lift (sweet and fascinating)
  11. Mood (Intermediate) - Shift Attitude (subtle and entrancing)
  12. Mood (Intermediate) - Shift Behavior (very entrancing, wonderful, wondrous)
  13. Mood (Foundation) - Less Anger (deep trance)
  14. Mood (Foundation) - Less Fear (deep trance)
  15. Mood (Intermediate) - Motivation Stimulation (uplifting, colorful, smooth)
  16. Mood (Foundation) - Decrease Anxiety (deeply soothing, trance)
  17. Mood (Intermediate) - Reduce Performance Anxiety (gorgeous displays, softer)
  18. Mood (Intermediate) - Lift Mood (beautiful displays, smooth sailing)
  19. Mood (Intermediate) - Relieve Sadness (exquisite, sweet, relieving in energy body)
  20. Mood (Intermediate) - Confused Mind (deeply calming)
  21. Mood (Intermediate) - Ease Worry (sweet and soothing)
  22. Dependency ((Advanced) - General Dependency (buoyant, alluring, kind, forgiving)
  23. Dependency (Advanced) - Addiction General (gorgeous, deep, moving)
  24. Dependency (Foundation) - Post Trauma (very calming, soothing, sweet)
  25. Exploration (Advanced) - Mind Transcend (opens up top of head)
  26. Exploration (Advanced) - Mind Wide Open (very lovely indeed)
  27. Exploration (Advanced) - Astral Shift (dreamy, floating, pleasure, lovely)
  28. Exploration (Advanced) - Psychedelic (very trippy, wasted)