Become a Light Coach | The Neuro Light

A new and unique Wellness profession awaits you.

The Wellness industry is exploding with new opportunities.

More and more people are seeking holistic and natural ways of staying healthy.

It is very effective, easy to use and uniquely appealing. Actually it is exciting with a potent buzz as neuroscience jumps into new areas of understanding.

A healthy brain is a healthy mind and body

For kids to elders - and everyone in between

With the Neuro Light, a Light Coach has a big bag of tools and never ending possibilities when creating Total Brain Wellness sessions and programs.

Follow clearly designed methodologies as well as be creative and use your intuition.

Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Aromatherapists, Life Coaches, Acupuncturists, Medical Practitioners, Exercise Trainers, Yoga Teachers - the list is almost endless.

Consider the possibilities

Fortifying memory and concentration

"Unlearning" emotional reactions to chronic pain

Supporting the aging/challenged brain

Increasing fresh learning capacities

Deepening meditation experiences

Psychological and spiritual exploration

Supporting challenged young minds

Learning to let go of anxiety and depression

Better refreshing sleep patterns

Promoting higher intelligence

Reducing dependency habits

Accelerating learning

Completely free Neuro Light Trainings

The Neuro Light website has complete free online training process, found in the Learning section from the top menu. Full of videos, slideshow presentations, audio recordings of live training sessions and loads of supportive documents.

Learn at home at your own pace. Get tutoring help along the way. It's all free with the purchase of the Neuro Light.

A new Wellness profession is possible. And it comes at just the right time.

Light up your brain - and everyone elses!

The Neuro Light Brain Skills is coupled with the Neuro Light Brain Gym in one hardware/software unit. The Brain Food units (Direct and Indirect) are separate devices that complete the powerful triune dynamic. As of January 1 2017, the Indirect Brain Food Nasal Light Stimulation device is included with the Neuro Light Brain Gym/Skills unit at no extra charge. The Direct Brain Food Transcranial Light Stimulation device is sold separately with an extra charge. The result is Total Brain Wellness.