Meet The Neuro Light

Light & Sound to signal the Brain and message the Mind.

Brain Gym | Brain Food | Brain Skills - to do it all.

Total brain wellness

Your brain can be better

Neuroplasticity means your brain can always make new connections and keep learning.

Lay back, slip on your headphones, close your eyes and relax. Alluring sounds in harmony with stunning Light diplays in your "mind's eye" coax your brain into better and higher states of Total Brain Wellness.

The art & science of Mind/Brain Wellness has been growing steadily for over 50 years. Now with the newest knowledge combined with the best technology, every person can experience Total Brain Wellness

Design by nature

The Neuro Light unites three proven creators of Wellness - Excercise, Nutrition & Learning - all focused directly to your brain

Brain Gym builds new brain connections and pathways with ingenious Light/Sound composition that exercise your brain via sensory pathways.

Brain Food feeds your brain it's favourite food - LIGHT! The result is an impressive increase in actual mitochondrial / ATP energy which is fuel for all your brain functions

Brain Skills move your brain into new abilities as well as fortifying the skills that may be decreasing with age

Best of all - it feels good!

A neuro light experience can range from 11 minutes to 33 minutes. With over 100 specifically designed Light/Sound Brain Wellness compositions, there is benifit for everyone.

The overall approach allows applications for the newest beginners all the way up to the most Advanced explorers

Something for everyone

  • Fortifying memory and concentration
  • Supporting the aging/challenged brain
  • Better refreshing sleep patterns
  • Deepening meditation experiences
  • Psychological & spiritual exploration
  • Accelerating learning
  • Promoting higher intelligence
  • Supporting challenged young minds
  • Increasing fresh learning capabilities
  • Reducing dependency habits
  • "Unlearning" the emotional reactions to chronic pain
  • Learning to let go of anxiety and depression

Personal or Professional

Take the next step - it can only get better

The neuro light connects to any WiFi capable device. You can even control it from your smartphone or tablet.