About Anxiety & the Neuro Light

Considering the number of prescription and "street" drugs being used, it may be safe to say that in our societies, chronic anxiety may be at epidemic levels. Studies in Neuroplasticity and Connectome Harmonics are pointing towards new understandings in cause and alleviation. In recent posts, I have discussed a condition called Limbic Trauma Loop (please see posts for more description). Although its functions are across many related tasks, the Limbic Network is the major "filter" on incoming stimulation/experience. It "colors" stimulation as either pleasure/pain, attraction/aversion before channeling the stimulation up into higher areas of the cortex where we assign thoughts to the experience...which means the Limbic Network has a huge influence on how we "feel" about what we "think". The feeling comes first and is followed by the thinking.
Skipping details here, a Limbic Trauma Loop can be established when a strong insult is experienced (physical or emotional) and the reaction to the insult results in a lasting dysfunctional bias in the Limbic Network. Again (details aside for now at least) the result is that the Limbic Trauma Loop ends up sending false threat messages into the cortex. Our thinking then elaborates on the false feeling and we churn out anxiety magnifying thoughts. It's a nasty cycle.
In these cases, the first thing to understand is that you can't believe everything you think. Secondly, and this can be a tough one, you can't believe everything you feel. Hmmmm. To be clear, this is in relationship to persons with chronic anxiety that seems to come "out of nowhere" and then the anxious thinking goes round and round in the head. For most people, feelings are much more trustworthy but not for a person with chronic anxiety resulting from the false bias created by the Limbic Trauma Loop. For a person with this type of chronic anxiety, the path back to emotional wellness is often a challenge. The first step is to consider that the thoughts and feelings may not be accurate and are the result of maladaptive Neuroplastic patterns found mostly in the Limbic Network domain. Even that perspective alone can take some of the pressure off. The next step is to begin to develop the "curious observer" or "neutral observer" point of view. When anxiety feelings/thoughts occur, begin a more detached observation instead of immediately flowing into the neural chemistry-rich waves of reaction. At that time reflect on the fact that not all of your thoughts and feelings may be accurate. This type of "detached observation" is a mind/brain state managed by yet another brain network called the Cognitive Control Network. At first this approach may seem odd and even counterintuitive. A famous wellness book from the 1980's was called "Your Body Never Lies". In the case of a Limbic Trauma Loop, your body lies much of the time. It is saying there is a threat when in fact no threat exists. In the Brain Gym section of the Neuro Light, there are a number of Brain Network Reinforcements. They are Light/Sound compositions built using the frequency harmonics of the specific Resting State Network. When acting to reduce and finally release chronic anxiety, using sessions of the Cognitive Control Network and the Limbic Network combined with the "curious observer" attitude can create an impressive effect and benefit. The "curious observer" attitude which engages your natural Cognitive Control Network is known as a Top-Down cognitive approach in modifying your Neuroplastic patterns. Combining this Top-Down activity with Bottom-Up Neuro Light sessions can do the trick. Of course, once your foot is in the door, other appropriate Brain Skills Training sessions can be added such as Reduce Anxiety etc.