Creative Constraint

Our brain is never silent and contrary to a popular pseudo-science myth, we are using 100% of it (and not just 10%). It is fascinating to appreciate that the majority of brain activity dances right up to the edge of Chaos much of the time and then, like in some adventure-action movie, jumps back from the edge, over a bridge (aka a Resting State Brain Network) and into constructive temporary Order. This "edge of Chaos" is a state of "disorganization" where neural activity can be thought of as "non-sense". The activity fails to generate any consistent signal and consequently results in a stimulation with no message to the "mind" Non-sense. What we call "learning" is the Neuroplastic process of placing constructive constraints on the "near Chaos" state. In neuroscience, this process is often called "shaping". "Shaping" coaxes the momentum of Chaos into an expression of significance that ends up in an intelligible signal...and therefore a "message to the Mind". A degree of Order emerges from the Chaos. One of the hallmarks of a Complex Adaptive System is the ability of its self-organization to result in "emergent properties". Basically this means this extraordinarily complicated entity can you reward you with a brand new learned behavior just when you least expect it.

So what about "Creative Constraint"?

Order is the result of Chaos being "shaped" into a beneficial expression. Non-sense is "shaped" into "meaning". It is what we normally call "learning". The divine dance takes place somewhere "in the middle" between Chaos and Order. For NEW Learning, we place one foot in Chaos (the pure potential of UNCERTAINTY) and the other foot in existing Order (the fact of previously Learned experience of CERTAINTY). This is the marvelous, near miraculous, "zone" of Creative Constraint. Creative Constraint is the principle upon which the compositions in the Neuro Light operate. Frankly, Creative Constraint is the operating principle of Neuroplasticity itself.